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Wonder Pets to the Rescue!! February 18, 2012

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Is that a bird? Is that a plane?! NOOO!  It’s the amazing Wonder Pets!! Classroom pets by day, baby animal superheroes by night!

I had the honor of creating this adorable Wonder Pets birthday cake for a little boy.  The number one challenge for me is always making sure the 3-D gumpaste figurines resemble the characters.  The small details make a world of difference, for example the sunken-in eyes, Tuck’s nose, their hands, and the embossed emblem on their capes.

Now it’s my turn to be superhero and deliver this cake. :)


Fall Lov’n Bake Sale October 17, 2011

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Warm breeze.  Rustling leaves.  Pulling out the scarves and sweaters.  A touch of Indian Summer.  Pumpkins and squash abound.  Candies galore.  I LOVE fall.  So without further ado…here’s the Fall Lov’n Bake Sale menu. :)  All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Buy some baked goods and donate to a great cause!

Please email your order to cecilia@cecicakesla.com.  THANK YOU!!!


Caramel Corn      4 oz. for $5

move over Cracker Jacks…nutty, buttery crunch mixed with a hint of fleur de sel, peanuts, and M&Ms.  (plain caramel corn available upon request)

Caramel Apple          $5

large Granny Smith apple covered with rich caramel


Pumpkin Pop Tarts       $18 per dozen

filled with spiced pumpkin and topped with maple glaze, take that Kellogg! :p

Kouign Amann (prounounce “queen a-mon”)     $18 per dozen

one bite, you’ll understand why it’s called kouign amann (“butter cake” in Breton)…caramelized crunchy outside and pillowy soft inside with a touch of orange

Cheddar Chive Scones        $18 per dozen

savory scone packed with cheddar and chives…great way to start the morning with some buttah

Ginger Scones          $18 per dozen

sweet scone with a touch of lemon and candied ginger

Bread Pudding Surprise   $35 per order, serves 12

ready for a sweet surprise?  order a bread pudding and I’ll fill it with the season’s freshest fruit finds…apples? pears? figs? bananas? sweet potatoes? persimmons? squash?  dates?  the possibilities are endless.

Please make checks payable to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, or donate online at http://pages.teamintraining.org/los/sbhalf11/cleung23


Goodness! Back to School/Training Bake Sale!! August 7, 2011

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Thank you all for waiting patiently…now that summer is beginning to roll to a close (sniff sniff), I am gearing up to train for my next half marathon with Team in Training and and return back to school.  So what’s a better way to celebrate than to whip up some goodies to greet the bright eyed and bushy tailed or surprise someone ho-hum lunch with these sweet treats?!?!!

I’ve included some oldies but goodies and some new dazzling flavors.  :)  Photos coming soon.

All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Thank you so much for your support!! :D



Snackies        four ounces     $6

Bacon Caramels

What?!?! Yup, you read correctly, some crispy caramelized applewood smoked bacon tossed into chewy caramels. Sugar. Salt. Fat. Goodness.  What more can you ask for?

Bombon X 2

Cuban espresso with condensed milk infused into pillowy marshmallows or “bombons” and tossed in vanilla bean sugar.  Fluffy goodness at its best(yes, that’s right, I used the word goodness twice…uh huh).

Earl Grey Marshmallows

A cuppa joe won’t do?  How about earl grey with notes of orange?  Try these fancy schmancy marshmallows on their own or in a cup of hot chocolate.


Brekkies    one dozen    $18 


Almond cream baked between two slices of homemade brioche scented with orange blossom water and topped with toasted almonds for added crunch.  Perfect for a decadent morning treat.

Whole Grain Coffee Cake with Seasonal Fruit

“I can’t believe it’s whole grain?!?!”  Healthy and tasty to boot!  Made with whole wheat flour, oats, flaxseed, and cornmeal for wholesome goodness, then  with seasonal berries and/or stone fruit folded in, and topped with pecan streusel.

Maple Walnut Oat Scone

A dash of oats, a scatter of walnuts, and a spoonful of maple glaze.  With its tender crumb, a perfect way to start the morning. 

Raspberry Scone

Even the Queen herself would enjoy the delicate buttery layers of cream scone homemade raspberry preserves.

Lunch Buddies    one dozen  $12

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crispy edges.  Chewy center.  Loaded with bittersweet chocolate.  Need I say more?

Nutella Rice Krispies

Back by popular demand.  Chocolate and peanut butter are classic pairings.  Throw in some Nutella and we now have a more sophisticated version of that ol’ lunchbox treat. 


Strictly for chocolate lovers.  Also known as “black gold” (that what one of my friends refer to them as…lol).  Rich and fudgy with an espresso punch.


Beurre noisette.  If only you can smell the butter browning in the pan right now as we speak…  The nutty caramel flavor creates magic in this blondie. 

Bacon Sable Breton

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE bacon, especially thick, center cut bacon.  I also love a mean shortbread cookie, you know the kind that holds its shape and then crumbles into buttery goodness once in your mouth.  I grew up eating the blue tinned Danish butter cookies, I hate to say this but these sables leave those butter cookies in the dust. 



Please place orders by Saturday Sept. 3.  Indicate the item, quantity, and desired delivery date.  Please allow at least 48 hour turnaround for orders to be filled.

Pick-ups and/or deliveries made no later than Monday, Sept. 5.

Send orders to cecilia@cecicakesla.com.

Please make checks payable to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or make an online donation here.

Thank you for helping me to e-race cancer!!! GO TEAM!!


Spring is in the Air Bake Sale April 13, 2011

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Here’s a quick preview of the “Spring is in the Air” Bake Sale

The menu reflects my love for breakfast pastries and sweets and what a wonderful way to celebrate spring with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee and scrumpdiddilyumptious homemade goodness. :)

Place your order between now and Saturday, May 7, 2011…just in time for Easter and Mother’s Day.

Please email your order to cecilia@cecicakesla.com.

AND not to mention that all 100% of proceeds go straight to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!  Join me as a I run to e-race cancer on June 5 at the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon!! WOOOHOOO!

“The best part of waking up…” $18/dozen

Fig Walnut Sticky Buns    made with whiskey poached mission figs (my last batch!) and a touch of honey

Bostock     a decadent French cousin to the french toast…almond frangipane sandwich between two slices of buttery brioche topped with more frangipane for good measure, a sprinkling of sliced almonds, and baked to a golden crisp

Pecan Cinnamon Rolls not your average cinnamon roll…puff pastry updates this morning favorite with an added crunch and orange zest puts a bit of zing in it too!

Coffee (Ice Cream) & Doughnuts   who said you can’t have ice cream in the morning?!? lol.  Cafe du Monde chicory coffee ice cream paired with fresh doughnuts fried beignet style…either covered with powdered sugar, tossed with cinnamon sugar, or maple glaze

Zucchini Muffins     need to sneak some veggies into your morning?

The Classics   $12/dozen

Palmiers      light, crispy puff pastry cookies with caramelized with cinnamon sugar

Brownies    made with espresso and lots of love

Brown Butter Blondies      mmm…beurre noisette…browned butter imparts a nutty caramel flavor to these darlings…yup, brownies have got some competition

coffee ice cream with brown butter blondie scraps…hehehe


Elmo Birthday March 8, 2011

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Hidden under this fun, colorful Elmo cake is nostalgic carrot cake classically paired with whipped cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts.

Cake covered with Massa Grischuna Americana fondant and decorated with handcrafted Massa Grischuna fondant letters and gumpaste Elmo figurine, balloons, and presents.


When you need a “pick-me-up” February 20, 2011

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I adore tiramisu.  It cheers me up and it is definitely hard to say no.  The other night when I dined at Bottega Louie I had an internal battle with myself over ordering the classic Italian cake and the semifreddo.  I decided to be different so I went ahead and blurted out “semifreddo” to the server before there was any opportunity for me to take it back and change it to tiramisu.  But, tiramisu knows she has me under her spell.

Tiramisu yields 10″ round

6           yolks

1/4 C   sugar

6          whites

1/4 C   sugar

1 C       cake flour, sifted

1/2  C  powdered sugar

4          yolks

3/4 C  sugar

1/4 C  coffee flavored liqueur, such as Kahlua, Tia Maria

1 1/2 # mascarpone

1 C      cocoa powder

2 C     coffee syrup


1. Place yolks in mixing bowl of a standing mixer.  Using whisk attachment, whip yolks on medium speed.

2. Slowly “rain” in the sugar, by shaking sugar in slowly so that the sugar will dissolve into the yolks as air is incorporated.

3. Continue whisking until yolk mixture is pale yellow and reaches the “ribbon” stage.  To test, use a spoon to make a trail, the mixture should hold for at least 3-5 seconds at ribbon stage before merging together again.

4. Remove from bowl and reserve into a larger bowl.

5. Place egg whites in a clean and dry mixing bowl.  (very important for bowl to be clean and dry, any lint or small particles will cause whites to not whisk properly)  Using whisk attachment, whip whites on medium speed until foamy.

6. Rain in sugar.  Continue whisking on medium speed until whites form medium soft peaks…should look like snowy soft mountain peaks.

7. Using a balloon whisk (which helps mixture to not lose any aeration), gently fold in whites mixture into yolk mixture.  Fold in the motion of dragging whisk from side of bowl into center to full incorporate.  Mixture should be streaky yellow/white.

8.  Gently fold in sifted cake flour in same manner.  Ladyfinger batter should be nice and thick now.

9.  Spoon batter into piping bag fitted with plain tip #5.

10.  Preheat oven at 350F.

11. Pipe batter onto sheet pan lined with parchment paper.  3″ in length is recommended.  Pipe ladyfingers about 1″ apart because they will expand as they bake.

12. Dust with powdered sugar before placing into 350F oven.

13. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden.  Remove and allow to cool.

Coffee Syrup

1/2 C   sugar

2 C      water

1/4 C   ground coffee or espresso

1. Place sugar and water in saucepot.

2. Bring to a boil until sugar dissolves.  Remove from heat.

3. Add coffee or espresso and cover to steep for 1/2 hour.

4. Strain and discard grounds.  Keep syrup in bowl or container to dip ladyfingers.


1.  Fill large saucepot halfway with water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a medium simmer.  This is will be the “bain marie” or water bath.

2. Place yolks and sugar in mixing bowl and whisk together.

3. Place bowl on top of bain marie and whisk vigorously for 5-8 minutes until sugar dissolves and mixture becomes a pale yellow.

4. Stream in liqueur, continue whisking vigorously until mixture becomes light and foamy.  Remove from heat.

5. Place mascarpone in mixing bowl with whisk attachment and whip until soft.

6. Gently fold in sabayon.


Tools needed: 10″ cake ring, 10″ cake board

1. Spray cake ring with pan spray.

2. Line ring with ladyfingers with the flat side facing in.

3. Coat ladyfingers in coffee syrup.  Line bottom with ladyfingers.  If ladyfingers don’t fit perfectly, don’t worry, break them into small pieces to fill in any gaps.

4. Spread mascarpone mixture on top of soaked ladyfingers.

5. Dust with cocoa.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 to create 3 layers.

7. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours for cake to set.

8.  Unmold and serve.




Live Long and Prosper! February 8, 2011

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Old school Star Trek cake complete with a flippable and edible communicator for a classy old school Star Trek fan :)



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